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re6leonxada asked:

Hey! Its me Battousai13 hows it going Shiki lol decided to check out your profile on deviant art and noticed you made a tumblr too which is awesome. Anyways my question is, would you like to do a Leon Ada role play?

:”DDD OMG! of course I’d like to!! Anything about Aeon is drugs to me xD but I have to ask u for more details onegai ^_____________^


My latest illustration,”unusualness”(Vergil & Ada Wong) (DMC x Resident Evil)
Requested by my friends and anonymous
They both are famous characters of Capcom,my most favourite;Cool,Elegant and Strong.Very long time(more than half a year)no drawing Ada,I’m surprised that keep receiving the request mails of Ada until now,I feel thankful,I can’t believe as I feel I’m nothing. About Vergil,my hands are willing to draw him(only),actually I like both DMC DmC Vergil equally,but my friends always feel that I love/draw DMC Vergil,and they prefer alsoXD 
Anyway,thank you<3 The background,eat up my time*laugh**I draw/design it by using AI(mainly) and PS.
Happy Weekend to all<3

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